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How successful do you want your company to be?

Would you like to increase productivity, creativity, and efficiency in your workplace?

Do you want to create a happier working environment where your staff take less smoke breaks, less sick days, and are over all more mentally alert and aware?

Massage Therapy Academy is an company in Malaysia that provides a wide range of modalities including relaxation, remedial, and aromatherapy corporate massage. Corporate massage may be done at a desk, in a specialized massage chair, or on a table. Just a 15 minute head, neck & shoulder massage at your desk can refresh and invigorate to last the rest of the day and perhaps the rest of the week. The longer the massage, the longer the effectiveness and the fewer visits will be needed.

Testimonial: "Thank you for being such terrific service provider to work with, you have given me a peace of mind and time to relax."   HSBC Managing Director- Ross Foden

Benefits of Corporate Massage:

button Increase employees retention
Relieves job-stress
button Improves productivity
buttonLowers anxiety & hostility
button Decreases absenteeism
button Enhance creative thinking
button Helps recruit top talents
button Help prevents R.S.I
button Improves job satisfaction
button Lowers muscle tension and pain

Pre-meeting Massage:
Have a massage at your desk to prepare you for a big brainstorming session. We can come to your office and work on one person at a time, or a group of people can cover your entire office in a few hours.

Post-meeting Recovery Massage:
Try an aromatic oil massage to help you unwind and effectively process those important points from your meeting.

Staff Productivity Massage:
What a great incentive for your staff!
Keep them happy, healthy, and productive with a regular weekly visit from our practitioners to loosen those stiff backs, shoulders, and necks.
We can massage at their desks (head, neck & shoulder massage) or set up a massage table in the office and do full body relaxing or remedial massages.

Corporate Massage ideal for:
Functions & events, rewards, party, conventions, exhibitions, seminars, meetings, On-site Massage

Please feel free to contact 019 318 1088 about tailoring a massage plan for your company's needs.

Call Now! To arrange for Free Corporate Massage Demo!


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